Matrix Impact has helped improve sales, marketing and customer service organizations across the country. We focus on building best practice systems and processes that get the most from every employee, every resource and every minute.

There are obvious times when we realize that help is needed, but by then it's usually too late. The lost key account, sagging sales revenue or losing valued employees are all examples of it being too late. Matrix Impact can help you eliminate these negative events before they occur, keeping you on the forward progression that is needed to compete and win in this new millennium marketplace and beyond.

A Quick History Of How We Got Here
John Kolencik founded a business skill training company named Matrix Information Systems in 1994. It was designed to fill the gaps and improve the skill sets in any organization's sales, marketing and customer service departments.

The game, however, has changed. Not every sales, marketing and customer service problem can be solved with training; as matter of fact, forget the word training. The process of educating and developing one's career, department or company should never stop. But it does. Why? Usually because we get caught in the minutiae of everyday business.

There is a certain amount of administrative work necessary on a daily basis. But we have identified, through our research, three distinct pieces that when attended to and nurtured will lead to sales, marketing and customer service success...
  1. Who you have working for you? / Can you assess your people's skill on an ongoing basis?
  2. Are your people doing the right things? / Can you give them the skills they need to succeed?
  3. Do your people regularly have enough sellable opportunities presented to them? / Can they create their own opportunities when needed?

Recognizing this, we re-evaluated, re-designed and re-launched this organization as...

The new format allows us to attack any company's sales, marketing and customer service problems in a much more effective, holistic approach. The design of Matrix's new product offerings are rooted in 3 behavioral databases that chronicle over 75,000 sales, marketing and customer service situations. John’s popular and successful research-based continual development classes are still a product pillar. With the addition of the Best Practice Audit System™, Target Marketing Impact Analysis, Behavioral Skill Assessment, Management Mentoring and Coaching, Impact-Trac: Sales Tracking System™, Hire-Right: New Hiring System™, Database Mining, Quick Impact Marketing Programs, S.I.T. (Stay in Touch)™: Nurture Prospecting System Development and Implementation and other offerings, Matrix can now IMPACT more of the root cause of any sales, marketing or customer service problem that may exist in your organization.

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